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Dragonborn are proud, honor-bound draconic
humanoids. They wander the world as mercenaries
and adventurers. They are strong and possess dragonlike

Legendary for their toughness and strong will,
dwarves are indomitable warriors and master
artisans. Dwarven kingdoms are mighty mountain
citadels, but clans of dwarf crafters can be found in
any town or city.

Eladrin are a graceful, magical race born of
the Feywild, the realm of Faerie. They love arcane
magic, swordplay, and exquisite work in metal and
stone. They live in shining cities on the borders of the

Kin to the eladrin, elves dwell in the deep forests
of the world and love the beauty of nature. Many elves
(and some eladrin, too) live in wandering companies
that visit many lands, staying a season or two in each.

Elves and humans sometimes have children
together, giving rise to half-elves. With many of the
best features of both humans and elves, half-elves have
capabilities distinct from both races. They are charismatic
and versatile.

Halflings, the smallest of the civilized races, are a
plucky, quick, and likable people. Halflings gather in
small clans in the marshes and along the rivers of the
world, traveling and trading widely with the other races.

Brave and ambitious, humans are somewhat more
numerous than other races, and their city-states are
among the brightest spots in a dark world. However,
there still exist vast portions of the world where no
human has set foot.

Tieflings are a race descended from ancient
humans who bargained with infernal powers. Tieflings
are loners who live in the shadows of human
society, relying only on trusted allies.

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